ROLF Rainbow of Life Forces a community initiative project by Creativision Group of Companies

Founder’s Message 2016

Happy 10th Anniversary to Rainbow of Life Forces.

To me, the success of a community campaign is all about vision, action and perseverance. It’s about awareness of the marginalized. It’s about building hope. It’s about love and appreciation. It’s about giving back more to the community than continuously taking out from it. It’s about treating the underprivileged with more respect.

Starting a long-term community project requires a big commitment of belief by both the campaigner and the supporting team. A commitment like this, in many cases, is so hard to achieve because it requires the team members to think first beyond themselves and secondly to think beyond today. It is also about not thinking of personal comfort.

Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) is a long term community campaign initiated by CreatiVision Group. The initiative was launched in 2007 with an objective to enhance the life of marginalized children. ROLF consists of seven campaigns; Blue, Orange, Gold, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple Ribbon.

ROLF launched the Blue Ribbon Campaign in year 2007 -the first of our creative collective force of humanity specifically for the betterment of life for children afflicted with life-threatening diseases. It was followed by the Orange Ribbon Campaign on “Youth Social Responsibility” in 2008; the Gold Ribbon “Grant-A-Wish campaign” in 2009; Green Ribbon for “Environmental Education” in 2010; Yellow Ribbon “The Gratitude” campaign in 2013, Red Ribbon “Aids to the children in emergency cases like earthquakes, tsunami and floods.” and Purple Ribbon “Education Program for The Underprivileged Children” in 2015.

ROLF’s Gold Ribbon “Grant-A-Wish Campaign’ is returning for its 8th edition to grant the wishes of some 465 children in Malaysia this year (so far, the campaign had fulfilled wishes of 6000 children in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Nepal in the past 7 years). This year we include 170 primary school students who come from households with income of less than RM3000 per family (name list recommended by teachers from 47 primary schools). Some of these children can’t even afford food during recess time in school. Among the list, we also include 55 children from the Orang Asli families.

On 25th August, we will publish the wish list of the children on our official website as well as in ROLF’s Booklets. Public donors are requested to grant the gifts based on the wish- list given. All the gifts must be new but not expensive. Besides, we encourage donors to meet, interact and bond with the children (our physical presence may be more meaningful than material donation particularly – a specific gift-handover day is planned for the children, whereby donors are strongly encouraged to be present). We also urge the donors to plan their assistance to the children in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and self-esteem.

The wish-matching process will take place from 25th of August till 3rd October, 2016. The Gift Handover Ceremony (donors meet children session) will be held on 9th October in Kuala Lumpur and 16th October in Penang. Please refer to the Notice Board on ROLF’s official website and Facebook for the latest updates.

In conjunction with ROLF Gold Ribbon: Gift Handover Ceremony on 9th October, 2016, we are hosting the first ROLF Youths’ Inspiration and Aspiration Conference under Orange Ribbon “Youth Social Responsibility”. The objective of this conference is to inspire and motivate the young crowd (focusing primarily on university students) so that they make positive decisions for their future and in their lives.

Together, we will fulfil our social contribution of cherishing children’s life. I wish to express my appreciation to all of you, ROLFERS, donors and media partners, for your continuous and selfless support to the children. Let’s go on building the bonds of friendship and goodness through cooperation. Thank you all for being with us, joining us, and supporting us since the beginning.


Download ROLF 2016 – Grant A Wish Form


对我来说,一个社区活动的成功在于其愿景、行动和对原则的坚持。它关乎对边缘化社群的观察,关乎建立希望,爱与感恩,也关乎回馈社会,而不是不断地从社会中索取; 还有,它关乎给予弱势群体更多的尊重和关怀。

发起一个长期的社区活动项目,需要活动的发起者与支持团队双方对信念的认同和承诺 。这样的承诺,往往会因为观念的偏差而难以实现,所以它需要团队成员首先将个人的舒适置之度外, 然后试着超越自己的思维,再超越传统观念的局限,才能达成共识。我非常感谢彩虹团队这十年来对活动原则的坚持和保护,因为你们大家给予的正能量,生命的彩虹继续灿烂。

“生命的彩虹”是一个长期操作的社区活动,由CreatiVision集团发起。于2007年推出,旨在提高被边缘化儿童的生活水平。生命的彩虹” 分7个小组, 它们是蓝、橙、金、绿、黄、红、紫色的丝带活动, 每种丝带活动带领大家帮助在不同领域的受苦孩童。

“生命的彩虹”在2007年掀开序幕,同年推出的蓝丝带运动,专注于改善病危重患儿的生活素质 。隔一年,彩虹委员会推介了“橙丝带青少年社会责任计划”,接着生命的彩虹继续启动了其他小组的活动内容和方向,比如,在2009年落实了“金丝带儿童圆梦活动”,2010年”绿丝带儿童环境教育计划“,2013年”黄丝带说声谢谢感恩活动”,2014年“红丝带- 地震、海啸和洪水等紧急灾害中对儿童的救助计划”,以及2015年“紫丝带贫困儿童教育计划”。

今年,彩虹委员会继续主办第八届“金丝带儿童圆梦活动”,替马来西亚465位小朋友圆梦(在前7年里, 生命的彩虹已经替马来西亚、印度,尼泊尔和印尼的6000个孩子圆了梦 )。今年的名单中除了孤儿院里的小朋友,其中的170名小孩名单是由47间小学老师提呈,他们来自家庭总收入低于3000马币的家庭,这些小孩有的甚至在每天课间休息时都买不起食物。今年的圆梦名单中, 还包括55位来自马来半岛被称为原始土著的Orang Asli家族的孩子。

彩虹委员会将于8月25日,在”生命的彩虹”官方网站和宣传册上公布孩子们的愿望清单, 敬请公众捐助者按照愿望清单给予礼物。所有的礼物必须是新的,但不必昂贵。此外,我们鼓励捐助者与受助儿童见面、互动和建立感情(您们的亲访,对小朋友来说,可能比物质捐赠更有意义)。我们也敦促捐助者注意各自的援助方式,以保护孩子们的尊严与和信心。

彩虹委员会将在2016年8月25日到10月3日期间进行愿望配对程序,而礼物移交仪式(捐助者与儿童见面环节)将于10月9日和10月16日在吉隆坡和槟城举行。我们将会把最新资讯上载到 “生命的彩虹”官方网站和脸书, 敬请留意。

为了庆祝生命的彩虹10周年, 彩虹委员会将在10月9日以“橙丝带青少年社会责任”名义主办“第一届青少年激励论坛” 。本次论坛的目的在于启发和激励青年群体(主要是大学生群体),正视他们在生活中面对的难题和焦虑,鼓励他们对自己的生活和未来作出积极的思考分析,希望他们能做出正面和正确的决定。

我希望大家把彩虹当桥梁,将爱心连接一起,继续关爱各地被边缘化的小朋友们,并尽力改善他们的生活素质。在此,我向所有在这十年里和我并肩努力的彩虹队员、 捐助者和媒体合作伙伴,为您对孩子们持续与无私的支持表达我由衷的感激。


Download ROLF 2016 – Grant A Wish Form

NOTICE !! 特别声明!!

Rainbow of Life Forces or ROLF, a community initiative project by CreatiVision Group of Companies, does not raise fund for its campaigns through donations or fundraising drives in the public. ROLF has no association with the fund raising campaigns hosted by the shopping malls, companies and organizations that carry the similar name. Should you have any enquiry, kindly write to or contact 03- 62503999 / 019-2720999.

生命的彩虹,是一项由CREATIVISION 集团赞助的儿童关怀计划,我们在此声明,此活动不会向大众筹款, 尤其是在百货商场或任何公共场所. 若大家发现任何一间公司或组织,以彩虹为名,主办慈善筹款活动, 请电邮至 或联络 03-62503999 或 019-2720999查明. 这些筹款活动绝对和“生命的彩虹”计划没有任何关联。