We do not need magic to change the world. We just need love. – Adelyn Lim

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread to nearly every country in the world since it first emerged in China at the beginning of 2020. 7.8 billion global citizens are facing the challenge of a lifetime. The crisis threatens global citizens, not only as a health crisis in the short term, but with devastating social and economic effects over the years to come.

This year the committee members of Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) find their mailboxes and inboxes overflowing with donation pleas. Those communities that are marginalized, under-resourced or under-served, suffer tremendously during a crisis like this. Children in the orphanages need food, supplement, medicine and back to school essentials. Youths, like the university students need the same support as they fail to get scholarship or sponsorship in any form and some parents might have lost their jobs. Final year students have so much fear and anxiety about their future which can possibly lead to some psychological issues. Many fresh graduates are loitering in the streets jobless and they are the least likely to have savings to survive an economic downturn.

After having many discussions, we have decided that ROLF should prioritize campaigns targeting at children living in co-sharing shelters and informal settlements; and youths facing unemployment and economic hardship. We are reaching out to more marginalized groups in the rural areas this year under Gold Ribbon Grant A Wish Campaign. We have gathered the wish list of a few hundred underprivileged children in Malaysia and hopefully with the help of printed and social media, we can create more public awareness to highlight the needs and living conditions. The campaign encourages members of the public to grant the wishes of the less fortunate; at the same time, to make a difference by contributing their time – as such an effort is infinitely more precious resource when it comes to bettering children’s welfare.

The unemployment rate in Malaysia is a ticking time bomb as a result of the Covid-19 aftermath. The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) estimated that unemployment could reach up to two million this year, or a staggering unemployment rate of 13%. Without a doubt, the number of people experiencing hunger is going to increase dramatically. Based on this, ROLF team have decided to organize something significant for the youths this year under Orange Ribbon for Youth. We will introduce Gig Economy workshops and trainings for the university students who are afraid of not being able to get long term/ permanent jobs. Gig jobs can offer a new way of life that offers flexible working hours with the opportunity to explore new prospects. A proper guidance on Gig economy can be of great help to the youths – teaching them how to monetise their skills and efforts while serving a purpose. It may even lift them out of poverty. A mindset shift is needed.

Great acts are made up of small deeds – that is the spirit of Rainbow of Life Forces Campaign. ROLF is a community project that focuses on how small acts and thoughts of love can help to make this world a better place for those who have been segregated from main stream of society. Specifically, ROLF is a community platform for donors from all walks of life, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion and nationality to fulfil their social commitment of cherishing the lives of underprivileged and imperilled children. It is also a practical training ground to empower and groom youths to lead in community work and organization.

The shock to our lives and livelihoods from the Covid-19 virus-suppression efforts could be the biggest in the past 100 years. We cannot work alone in responding to the crisis that affects the vulnerable communities; we need the support of all of you now more than ever. We can help by bringing together the best of what the public and private sectors have to offer, merging expertise from different sectors, driving innovative diagnostic approaches and making resources available that can be used to aid the fight against these emerging threats.
ROLF is a long term corporate social responsibility project funded by CreatiVision group of companies. I am grateful that I have a very committed team. I wish to express my appreciation to ROLFers, donors, media partners, and members of the public for believing in ROLF, and your selfless support to the children and youths.

Like what I used to say, learning how to light a candle in the dark for others is an art of living. Being able to give is a blessing – recognizing that we ourselves are blessed should both humble and invigorate us in our capacity as campaigners and donors.