ROLF: Green Ribbon Campaign

– environmental education for the children

Green Ribbon Campaign was launched in 2011 to educate the children about their environment. ROLF supports and promotes outdoor activities that are educational and fun for the underprivileged children. The campaign takes essential steps to connect them to nature.

Other than the green camps and waste management workshops hosted in Malaysia, ROLF India launched the “Clean The River and Neighborhood Project” 3 years ago. The activity has received tremendous support from the community. Action speaks louder than words. Well-done is always better than Well-said.

ROLFers and children are requested to follow ROLF’s Green Guide in every of the ground event:

  1. Clean and green the event venue.
  2. Ban using of disposable plastic/ polystyrene utensils and products.
  3. Separate and re-cycle waste/ trash.
  4. Promote on-line registration and save papers.
  5. Use the most environmental friendly means of transport, e.g., walking, cycling, carpooling, using public transport. etc.
  6. Reduce the consumption of water, energy, materials and other resources.
  7. Minimize food waste.
  8. Re-use the signage and promotional materials.
  9. Consume food that is locally grown, organic, preferably vegetarian, and produced by the local communities.
  10. Raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage sustainable and responsible practice.

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