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Orange Ribbon Campaign

ROLF: Orange Ribbon Campaign

- Youth Social Responsibility (YSR)

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Youths play a vital role in building a healthy nation. We believe that they are the major forces that can help solving the social issues in every segment of the society.

ROLF launched Orange Ribbon: Youth Social Responsibility (YSR) in year 2008. The objective of launching this campaign is to help developing the values in the young individuals and alerting them on the social and environmental issues of the community.

Orange Ribbon Campaign plays an active role in supporting the youths in organizing their social projects. The campaign provides a training ground for them to gain leadership and organizational skills and at the same time, give them a platform to interact with people from all walks of life.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the founding of ROLF. We decide to host a major motivational program “ROLF Youths’ Inspiration & Aspiration Conference 2016” in Kuala Lumpur on 9th October.

The objective of this program is to inspire and motivate the young crowd (focusing primarily on university students) so that they make positive decisions for their future and in their lives.

There are many issues which plague our youths, day to day. They need someone who can shed some light on the directions they can take; lend an ear, understand their issues and relate experiences to them. They need guidance.

Below stated are some of the challenges the youths encounter:

  • Education disparity
  • Inadequate employment opportunity
  • Shifting and uncertain economy
  • Materialism and misguided value systems
  • Lack of discipline and focus
  • Obesity and other health issues

ROLF Youths’ Inspiration & Aspiration Conference 2016 is a platform where Motivating Speakers can share their own personal experience, and careers in life, to the young audience by using engaging, humorous and persuasive speech to inspire and motivate them. Motivating Speakers may give talks that inform or inspire in terms of personal development, career, community works, and health issues which in turns, help the young group to take actions and see the world or their situation from a new perspective. Speakers also cultivate enthusiasm, help the young group develop a common purpose, and inspire them to improve their life. Most importantly, speakers expose the youths on the world of possibilities in front of them.

Some notable personalities who were born ordinary but still achieve remarkable careers and wonders in life will be invited as the Motivating Speakers for the event. The program is aimed at inspiring the youths to make a difference.

ROLF have been working with students from numerous universities since year 2007: UTM, UM, UniKL, UTAR, USM, UPM, MAHSA, MONASH University, INTI International University, Taylor’s University, International Medical University, HELP University, UUM, Han Chiang College and others. We are expecting 1,000 students from the above-mentioned institutions to join the conference.

Admission is free. However, every participant is requested to bring along a gift which will be handed to the underprivileged children who will join the ROLF Gold Ribbon Grant-A-Wish Campaign in the afternoon session on the same day.


ROLF Youths’ Inspiration & Aspiration Conference 2016

ROLF Orange Ribbon: Youth Social Responsibility (YSR)


在建立一个健康社会的过程中, 青少年扮演着举足轻重的角色.


生命的彩虹支持和赞助了大学生等所主办的各项社会活动, 协助他们在社区上扮演正面且积极的角色。这项计划也提供了青少年一个培训平台,让他们拓展本身的领导与组织技巧,同时也让他们有机会接触社会上不同层面的人,从而开拓他们的视野。生命的彩虹希望通过这样的做法,打造一个爱心社会,也鼓励青年朋友替社会课题创造出不一样的新局面。



  • 教育鸿沟差距
  • 失衡的就业机会
  • 不稳定的经济局势
  • 物质主义和价值观颠倒的体制
  • 纪律缺乏
  • 肥胖等健康问题





ROLF Youths’ Inspiration & Aspiration Conference 2016

ROLF Orange Ribbon: Youth Social Responsibility (YSR)


Fireworks Sponsored by CreatiVision & ROLF for INTI UNI DAY


Date : October 5, 2011 Venue : INTI International University, Nilai Campus Sponsors : CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd. & Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF)

ROLF: Orange Ribbon Campaign — Field Trip 2011


Date : May 28 & 29, 2011 Venue : Penang Hill, Penang Organizer : CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.

Youth Street Dance Jamboree 2010


Date : 11 July, 2010 Venue : Subang Parade Carpark, Subang Jaya, Selangor Organizer : CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.

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