ROLF Rainbow of Life Forces a community initiative project by Creativision Group of Companies


About ROLF

Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) Campaign

a community initiative project by CreatiVision Group of Companies

Rainbow of Life Forces Campaign or ROLF was initiated to give hope to all children regardless of race, religion, background and nationality. ROLF brings nations together in mutually supportive relationships when it comes to enhancing the quality of life for children. ROLF consists of 7 campaigns. They are Blue Ribbon Campaign, followed by Gold, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Each of the campaign is formed to support and help children in different situation.

ROLF is not an organization or a foundation. ROLF is a facilitator and promoter which supports and assists legitimate charitable organizations in their operations. It is formed to give hope to all children regardless of race, religion, background and nationality.

In a nutshell, ROLF is about:

  • to provide a voice for children and their families on issues of critical concerns.
  • to promote, protect and sustain the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of the children.
  • to give the children happy memories to share, no matter what the future may hold.
  • to fulfill the dreams and wishes of children by answering their desires.
  • to provide people from all walks of life a chance to help our children who are underprivileged or physically/ mentally disabled.

ROLF’s commitment:

  • We make positive Change
  • We try to cultivate Hope
  • We strive for Improvement through continuous learning
  • We make Long term commitment
  • We vow to Do everything right

ROLF insists:

  • No fund raising activities from the public.
  • No commercial promotions.
  • No ceremonious protocol/ ”red carpet” reception for VIP guests/ donors in all activities.

生命的彩虹活动 ….为儿童创造不一样的未来




生命的彩虹不是基金会,它是一项非盈利的社会关怀计划,主要是支持合法的慈善机构的运作和协助其筹款活动。生命的彩虹会继续不断促进及扩大协助儿童的社会服务, 我们期望有一天,所有极需资援的孩童都可以得到生命的彩虹及其他单位充足的支援。


  • 不对外凑款。
  • 不会利用活动或小孩做商业宣传。
  • 不会提供捐赠者或贵宾特别待遇或接待, 所有捐赠者地位平等,大家以小孩为重。

Blue Ribbon Campaign:

  • An awareness campaign to bring attention to childhood diseases.
  • Launched in year 2007


  • 关怀癌症和各种疾病患儿计划
  • 2007年推出

Orange Ribbon Campaign:

  • An awareness campaign for Youth Social Responsibility (YSR)
  • Launched in year 2008


  • 青少年社会责任计划
  • 2008年推出

Gold Ribbon Campaign:

  • An awareness campaign to grant and fulfill wishes of the underprivileged children.
  • Launched in year 2009


  • 儿童圆梦计划。
  • 2009年推出

Green Ribbon Campaign:

  • Environmental education for the children
  • Launched in year 2011


  • 儿童环境保护教育计划
  • 2011年推出

Yellow Ribbon Campaign:

  • A Gratitude Campaign
  • Launched in year 2013


  • 说声谢谢感恩活动
  • 2013年推出

Red Ribbon Campaign:

  • Aids to the children in emergency cases like earthquakes, tsunami and floods.
  • Launched in year 2014


  • 地震、海啸和洪水等紧急灾害中对儿童的救助计划。
  • 2014年推出

Purple Ribbon Campaign:

  • Educational Programs for underprivileged children
  • Launched in year 2015


  • 贫困儿童的教育计划
  • 2015年推出