ROLF: Yellow Ribbon

– A Gratitude Campaign

ROLF Yellow Ribbon Gratitude Campaign is initiated with an objective to inculcate youths the importance of showing appreciation for help and goodwill they receive.

Thank You indeed is one of the underused words of today. We tend to take things and people in life for granted. We ignore someone who holds the door open for us, bus/taxi driver who drives us from place to place, waiter/waitress who serves us food, maid who prepares our breakfast, and etc.

Parents should set a good example and teach our children good manners whenever we have a chance. The key to teaching politeness is to start small, start early and be consistent. They may not always listen to what we say, but they will observe what we do and emulate us even when we don’t realized it. Saying Thank You is a very simple thing with the potential to improve our lives & well-being.

ROLF Yellow Ribbon is working with students from different universities to promote the campaign.

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